Wellness Programs

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The ultimate goal is to get you
feeling your best!
  • Are you experiencing fatigue or difficulty sleeping at night?
  • Are you experiencing reduced mental focus and memory?
  • Are you menopausal and experiencing hot flashes or night sweats?
  • Have you noticed weight gain around your belly or inability to lose
  • Is reduced sexual desire and performance putting a strain on you or your relationship? 

It may be a result of an imbalance in your hormones.

Hormone regulation is not just for women after menopause.

Even younger women in their 30s experience mood swings, fatigue, mental fog, and low libido, among other symptoms.

When you schedule a consultation, Dr. Kashyap will review your detailed hormone symptoms.

Blood and Saliva tests will be performed to understand your hormone values and overall health.

There is a synergy between all these levels.

“Normal” or average lab values may not be optimal for you.

The combination of test results and your symptoms will be used to devise a plan that is right for you.

The plan may include:

  • Hormones,
  • Supplements, and
  • Nutritional and various lifestyle changes.
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Many women despite eating healthy and exercising are not able to lose weight. It’s called Weight Resistance.

There are some internal conditions that block weight loss. These include, but not limited, to insulin resistance, estrogen dominance, thyroid functions, altered sleep, abnormalities in cortisol levels, food sensitivities, gut dysbiosis, etc. These need to be addressed if you are experiencing weight resistance.

Dr. Kashyap’s Medical Weight Management and Wellness Program produces incredible results in achieving weight management, balancing hormones, reducing inflammation, improving digestion, reducing cholesterol levels, managing blood sugar levels, maintaining blood pressure, and optimizing overall health.

The process is simple…

Book an appointment with Dr. Kashyap for initial testing, measurements, and a consultation.

The Weight & Wellness program will be explained in greater detail with a personalized plan to take home.

By entrusting a physician-monitored program you can ensure that your weight management journey will be safe and long-lasting.

The Weight & Wellness program includes:

  • Detailed saliva testing to check hormonal profile including cortisol, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and DHEA
  • A blood test to check lipid profile, insulin levels, Vitamin D, CBC, metabolic profile
  • Detailed medical history review and food journal
  • 60-minute consultation with the physician and review of all the health information and test results
  • Personalized plan based
  • 60-minute consultation with our Health Coach including a nutrition plan.
  • 30-minute visit with our Health Coach every 2 weeks to check progress (in-office or tele-visit)
  • Customized Bioidentical Hormones, as needed
  • Customized Supplements, including multi-vitamin, vitamin D, adrenal support, etc. as needed
  • Customized massage once every 4 weeks
  • Repeat blood testing at the end of the program
  • 30-minute consultation with the physician to review test results, progress.

Once the Weight & Wellness program is complete a maintenance plan is provided.