Patient Testimonials

Teresa M. 

“Called and quickly got in, the dr was so kind and patient with all my questions.” 


Janine P. 

“All I can say is wow wow wow! Amazing first visit today. I felt very comfortable. Office staff was all smiles. Dr. Kashyap was very knowledgeable and answered all of my concerns and questions. Not a moment of silence in the exam room. Thank you Dr. Kashyap, for your kindness and gentle touch. Did I really just have a Gyn examination? Lol. Highly recommended.” 


Teresa J.  

“Was referred by a friend and they quickly got me in. I love the fact that the Dr was friendly and honest. Thanks Dr. Kashyap.” 


Ginger A. 

“Dr. Kashyap is very caring and loves taking care of her patients.” 


Kim D. 

“Best Ob/Gyn doctor I’ve ever had, I’m so grateful!” 


Tori B. 

“I loved this place, as soon as you walk in you are greeted with kind faces who take the time to get to know you. Dr. Deepali Kashyap was amazing! She was very caring and considerate in regards to what I had to say, and was very professional. She answered all my questions with my concerns in mind and even took the time to explain everything else I had questions about. I was referred here by a friend who was very pleased with Dr. Deepali Kashyap and I would also refer other women to her as well. Thank you to the Galleria Women’s Health team!”

Mary H. 

“Been going to her for a few years. Always patient always listens always is concerned and always does something about my health. Love her kind staff to!!”

Hanna C. 

“Dr. Kashyap is an answer to my prayers!! After having another dr tell me I basically needed to suck it up, and endure my horrendous periods I had all but given up at having a better quality of life. Dr. Kashyap however, listened, empathized, and followed through. She discussed all of my options for relief with me at length, and didn’t at any point push me in any one direction. She was fantastic throughout the weeks leading up to my surgery, and I had no complications or problems during my surgery or recovery. I did follow all of her post op instructions to the letter, and I’ve healed phenomenally! I highly recommend any woman struggling to have a good quality of life because of your period to go and see her!! I am no longer controlled by waiting for my period to come along and halt me from living my life.” 

Amanda N. 

“I LOVE Dr. Kashyap and her team! Very friendly and knowledgeable. She was also very patient with me and all my first time mom questions. Highly recommend.” 

Beth W. 

“The office and the Dr are amazing! Never had a bad experience with any of them! Would definitely recommend them to anyone!”

Kesha N. 

“It was my first visit ever and I was so pleased from the doctor staff and at the time of seeing the doctor I left with a feeling that I was cared about and would be well soon.”  

Julie S. 

“Great doctors. Quick service. They even have lab services on site.” 

KL F. 

“I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Kashyup and her team. They are awesome from the beginning to end. From surgery to follow up, she was very approachable and professional. Being in a new state, it is great to know that your health is a priority to your health professionals.” 

Dawn C. 

“Absolutely LOVE Dr. Kashyap! Best Gyno I have had in years! She is so patient and gentle. She explains everything before she gets started and as things go along.” 

Julie M. 

“Dr. Kashyap is everything you want your doctor to be… brilliant, kind, & compassionate. She is a doctor for women of all ages & needs. The office space is gorgeous & so conveniently located in the Galleria mall. Unless there is some real emergency, your appointment time is incredibly, your appointment time!” 


“Great Dr!! Wait wasn’t bad and staff was pleasant. I’d refer anyone!!”


“Staff was kind and willing to help get me in last minute.”

Jake M. 

“My wife was fit in and Dr was kind and answered all questions and addressed all concerns.”

Dora L. 

“Always positive experience. Resolve my questions. Nothing negative to say. Nothing.” 


“Dr Kashyap took her time and made me feel very comfortable. She is by far the best gynecologist I have ever had! I highly recommend Dr. Kashyap, she is knowledgeable, professional and a very nice lady!!!”

Karysa V. 

“I had a terrible experience with another doctors office so I was really hesitant to trust another doctor with my baby. Dr kashyap makes me feel comfortable and explains things very well to me and my husband. I refer everyone I can to her.”

Nichole G. 

“The office is clean, and very cute. The staff is super nice and Dr. Kashyap is awesome. She is gentle, friendly and you can tell she really cares. I am so happy with my experience with her, I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for an OB/GYN.”

Mary J. 

“Clean, comfortable, relaxing, environment. Easy to schedule. Very nice doctor and staff.”

Amanda A. 

“I am a first time mom and started visiting Dr. Kashyap a few months before I got pregnant. I have been to many Dr’s all over the country, over the last 17 years and I absolutely LOVE Dr. Kashyap and her staff. They really know how to make you feel welcome and comfortable. 

She is very thorough and knowledgeable in her care and I appreciate that very much! I’ve never had an issue with wait times like previous reviewers have stated. I think we all need to understand that every woman is different and some of us have questions that need to be answered. We should be thankful that Dr. Kashyap cares enough to provide us with time and patience when answering those questions. 

My labor and delivery experience… 
I wrote up my birth plan, and Dr expressed her concerns with a vaginal birth. (I was not ready to hear that I may need a c-section) I appreciate the tender way she brought these concerns to my attention along with all of the possible outcomes. With that being said, I was being stubborn and wanted the birth of my son my way. Dr Kashyap did everything she could to let me execute everything on my birth plan, and I can’t thank her enough for allowing me try try things my way. In the end, Dr knows best! After 36 hours I had a c-section. I am only 2 weeks postpartum, but I can’t believe how amazing my incision looks. I have shown other women/friends and they all agree. This is the straightest cut ever, and the incision is not raised like most women I’ve seen. 
Point is, not only is Dr Kashyap patient, knowledgeable, friendly, and inviting but also VERY good at what she does. 
Thank you Dr Kashyap!”

Nicole S. 

“I’m so happy I came here!! Dr. Kashyap was so kind and caring she immediately put me at ease. I get so nervous when I see a new dr but I’m glad I chose this place. I’m definitely going back.”

Teresa J. 

“Who loves to see drs? Not me i was so scared because of the reviews BUT Dr. Kashyap was kind and caring. She happily answered all of my questions. I was fit in last minute and had a little wait. Thankfully the staff is pleasant and answered all my questions as well.”

Rachel C. 

“I just had my second child with Dr. Kashyap in January 2019. I am not sure if I am seeing same doctor as all the other reviews. She is an awesome Ob/Gyn doctor I have ever had. 
I had few issues with both of my pregnancies. She was always available even after hours and weekends. Very supportive and knowledgeable. Office staffs are nice as well. I am such a impatient person – couldn’t wait for some test results. But office staffs were very understanding how mom’s can be impatient sometimes. I understand office gets busy and crowded which makes a visit little longer. The wait is nothing more than usual doctor’s visit. I wish she takes my mom’s insurance. So I can take her to Dr. Kashyap. I am happy to find a OB/GYN doctor whom I can trust.”

Janelle M. 

“I am so grateful for Dr. Kashyap, as she truly helped save my life! When about 20+ other OBGYN’s were denying getting me in for an appointment even with my urgent situation, she got me in as soon as she could. After my first appointment, she understood the urgency of my situation and did everything she needed to get more information and then scheduled me for a surgery right away. She explained everything that was happening in my situation calmly and clearly and even went through all possible outcomes of what was happening so that I was prepared…no surprises! My surgery ran absolutely smooth and post-surgery, her follow-ups were just as encouraging. She answered all my questions and I really did appreciate that all of my appointments were brief and to the point. The waiting time was never all that bad either. Lastly, the office staff was also super kind and easy to work and communicate with, which is always a huge plus!”

KT N. 

“I don’t know what’s up with all of the negative reviews…

But from my personal experience with Dr. Kashyap, I think she is great.  She is very kind, patient and knowledgeable.  I am currently pregnant with my first child and have TONS of questions I’m sure she’s heard a million of times, but instead of brushing them off as silliness, she answers them courteously.  

When I expressed pain around my right rib cage, she made a rushed appointment to have an ultrasound done.  She listened, and without her I wouldn’t have known I have a polyp in my gallbladder.”

Kelly D. 

“I have been to a few different OB/Gyn’s during my 20+ years in Las Vegas, due to insurance changes.  I am very happy with Dr. Kashyap.  She and her staff are very professional, her office is clean and well run and her appointments run on time.  She has always been very attentive, listening to my health concerns and finding solutions that worked for me. I highly recommend this doctor and Galleria Women’s Health.”

Mrs. M 

“Had my annual exam and was so easy to get appointments and less than 5minutes wait. Staff are so friendly and Dr. Kashyap is the sweetest OB you’ll ever meet. She takes time to listen to patient. Highly recommended.”

Sheleen Q. 

“It’s time for that annual GYN appointment and fir many years it was the doctor visit I most stressed over. But for me the last 2 years have been completely different and infinitely better because I found the doctor I am the most comfortable with, someone I trust. The visit was smooth from an administrative perspective and the time time and focus that Dr. Kashyap provided me was very much appreciated. She has the ability to connect with patients in a personal level that allows you to relax and get the most out of the experience. I encourage you to consider this physician if you are searching for the right doctor for you.”

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